Saturday, 25 May 2013

Moroccan Journey

Through a Doorway
360mm x 450mm, gouache on paper

W have just hung the catalogue selection of Richard Tuff's new exhibition, "Moroccan Journey" and I can honestly say that the first view of a set of framed and delivered paintings has seldom created such a fizz of excitement.  They are delicious.
Six Arches
320mm x 370mm, gouache on paper
Beautiful, chalky gouache paintings.  Rich colours, existing side by side in wonderful and surprising combinations. Mustard yellows with rose pinks, wine reds with olive greens, deep blues and softest lilac, all applied with a joyous confidence.  These are the sort of paintings that certainly make you wish to visit Morocco but also make me want to dress in these colours, rush home and paint my living space in these colours.  They are paintings to wallow in!
Jemaa El Fna
730mm x 1130mm, gouache on paper
Richard Tuff has been represented by Beside The Wave for 24 years, known for his paintings of Cornwall he occasionally takes himself to distant shores and comes home with a treasure trove like this exhibition.  It is brilliant!  Come and see for yourself.  The catalogue selection can be viewed on line and in the gallery now, the complete show will be up on Friday 31st of May.  There will also be an evening viewing, 6 until 8pm, on the 31st where you will be able to soak up the colours and shapes of Morocco, meet the artist, enjoy a glass of wine and nibble on some Moroccan style canapés.
NEW LEP: Interior with Flowers (Edition of 50)
Image Size: 127mm x 127mm
Mounted £40

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Secret Art for Water

Ever wondered if you could spot a Paul Lewin at 20 paces? How about an Amanda Hoskin? Just imagine getting your hands on a pocket sized Tozer, a tiny Tuff or a little Dunbar. Now is your chance!
Secret Art for Water is an exhibition and sale of original postcard-sized artworks in support of the Falmouth Rotary’s WASH project in Uganda. Hosted by Beside The Wave and supported by RTP Surveyors, the exhibition’s challenge is to raise £3,000 in support of this vital work. In achieving this target, the proceeds of the sale will unlock the final tranche of funding for a £124,000 project designed to bring clean water and sanitation to two Ugandan communities. This will result in improvements to health, education and economic development in two Ugandan communities.
The exhibition at Beside The Wave will include work by acclaimed and amateur artists, up and coming artists (graduates, undergraduates and school children from Cornwall and Uganda), as well as the odd celebrity.
Each postcard-sized work of art will be sold for just £35.00 and, with many of the works valued at ten times this amount, art lovers have the chance to bag a real bargain! Proceeds from the exhibition go in their entirety to the Falmouth Rotary WASH project.  The Rotary club is multiplying any donation by 3.5 so a postcard brought for £35.00 will in effect add £122.50 towards the project.
(not a Tozer postcard, an example)
Beside The Wave gallery will display the eclectic collection of postcards in a week-long exhibition. Works of art will also be available to view on line. Works can be purchased on a first-come-first-served basis on the night of the ‘Reveal’, in person and by telephone, and remaining work will be available for purchase via the web thereafter. Collectors will discover the artists’ identities only after purchase on the night and each work of art is signed and dated on the back.
(not a Wimperis postcard, an example)
Prospective purchasers must contact Beside The Wave for a Collector Number prior to evening sale that will enable us to gather the information necessary to claim the Gift Aid on any money raised. The evening will be sponsored by RTP Surveyors in association with Beside The Wave. Drinks and canapés will be served to guests between 6.00 and 8.00pm.
(not a Heseltine postcard, an example)
Secret Art for Water
Friday 14th June – Thursday 20th June
Evening Viewing and ‘Reveal’- Thursday 20th June 2013

Monday, 6 May 2013

A Year Of Flowers

The blog title should read "Dunbar has Done it Again" because she certainly has.  The gallery is alive with a collection of the most beautiful, glorious, colourful and happy paintings.

Five Small Pots of Flowers on a Red Table
410 x 400mm acrylic on board
People have been wandering around the exhibition like children in a sweet shop... "I want that one, no I want that one more, I cant decide, I want them all, all of them...NOW!"
Sardines, Primula and Turquoise Water
455mm x 455mm, mixed media on board
They are simply lovely paintings.  Emma paints flowers with the ease of a gardeners intimate knowledge, her Primula's grow right out of the paintings, her Anemones sing with vibrant voices.
Across to the Chain Locker
760mm x 760mm, acrylic on board
(featured in Artist and Illustrator magazine)
Flowers painted with confidence and huge skill and a delightful carefree touch.  Her colour combinations are brilliant, vibrant and happy.
I so desperately want one of these pictures to have and look at forever.

Aubergines, Pan, Yellow Pepper
455mm x 455mm, mixed media on board
I think, if I had to choose I would have this one. Just look at that splash of yellow pepper and the playful squiggle next to it, the big fat, black pan and the beautifully painted Aubergines, and the colours...ooh it makes me go all breathless!!  But, and here is the difficulty I also love this one...
Three Pansies and Chocolates
mixed media on board, 300 x 300mm
The colours, and chocolate and those mugs! It is a gorgeous exhibition, well worth a visit and a dip into the wonderful world of Dunbar.  I think they should have a health warning though, they wont rot your teeth but they might make you so happy that you pop!
Another thing worth a mention is that you can now buy, with one click from our web site, have a look and if you are far away have a go before they are all sold!!
Cliff Top Flowers in Tin Mug
300mm x 300mm, acrylic on board

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Painting of the Day

We are displaying a "painting of the day" in one of our windows, as well as on our face book page.  These paintings are chosen by members of our team simply because it is one of their favourites. Alongside the painting is a short sentence about why they like it.  It is always interesting to discover what people see in a painting, and you do not have to be an expert to fall in love with a painting.
If you would like to nominate a favourite painting by one of our artists have a look through our stock and drop us an email with the title and why you like it and we will display it in the window.
Have a look at our face book page to see the daily painting, and "like" the page to see them every day.