Friday, 7 February 2014

It's Wild and Rough Outside So ...

Step inside and be surrounded by romance, memory and love!

Ranunculus in a White Jug
A Proven├žal Morning

Beautiful paintings by Anne-Marie Butlin are exhibited alongside the work of Sarah Wimperis.



Butlin paints exquisite still life, flowers whose colours have been so carefully chosen, each brushstroke has a considered place resulting in a delicate painting with surprising strength.

In The Late Afternoons I Thought of You


While the paintings by Sarah Wimperis draw on memories and places, creating work with a narritave that brings back forgotten feelings and emotions.


All The Letters I Wrote

There are also the serene and wonderful ceramic forms by Annie Hellyer and delicious jewellery from Stephanie Johnson and Emily Nixon. So come along to a warm and calm space, take refuge from the terrible weather and feed your romantic soul!

If you haven't been there yet, our brand new web site is a joy to navigate and has all of the paintings that we hold in the gallery as well as every ceramic and item of jewellery so pay a visit and see what is there.

Still Life with Spring Blossom



Thursday, 23 January 2014

Introducing Jon Doran

Cup on Paper
26 cm x 20.4 cm
 Introducing another new artist to our walls, still a student at Falmouth he was awarded Young Artist Award, Cork Street Open Exhibition 2013.  Come and have a look at his paintings, quietly assertive, rather beautiful and hanging on the gallery walls this week.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Introducing Oliver Bevan.

Cliff Against the Light by Oliver Bevan
100cm x 81cm
oil on canvas
This week we are introducing a new artist: Oliver Bevan.
Bevan is a British artist who was born in Peterborough, UK, in 1941 and educated at Eton College.
After leaving school he spent a year in 1959-60 working for Voluntary Service Overseas in British North Borneo before returning to London to study painting at the Royal College of Art, where he became strongly influenced by Op Art and in particular the work of Victor Vasarely.
Bevan graduated from the RCA in 1964 and had his first exhibition of Op Art-inspired paintings the following year. Optical, geometric and kinetic art then served him well until the late 1970's.  Then he moved to the Canadian prairies for a two-year teaching post at the University of Saskatchewan. By the time he returned to London in 1979 he had abandoned abstract art in favour of figurative art and urban realism.
Low Tide Bedruthan
oil on canvas
50cm x 50cm
In recent years he has been drawn to the coast and produced some outstanding landscapes on the North Coast of Cornwall some of which are currently showing at Beside The Wave.
You can view all of the paintings on our new web site or visit the gallery this week to see them on display.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

An Exciting Start To 2014

New Years bring new things, we are very excited as we have just launched our new web site. It has pictures of every painting, most with additional images of their framing, every ring and earring, every ceramic creation, it will have a great news section and a lovely, easy to use, click and buy system. You can go and browse now on  our new web site
We are also excited about our new exhibition schedule...
The Studio of Miles Heseltine
We have been doing some studio visits. Miles Heseltine in his space down towards the end of Cornwall, buried in the gorse and stunted oaks, next to ruined engine houses, it was like walking into one of his drawings. An artist who has the ability to get inside and become his landscape. Drawings of energy and magnitude and beautiful paintings will be seen at the end of February.

The Studio of Ben Warner
Ben Warner at his studio, a carefully considered space, full of texture and controlled chaos. There is an exciting collection growing, large moody pieces, full of atmospheric colour alongside tiny exquisite studies ready for his exhibition in March.
The Studio of Sarah Wimperis
Sarah Wimperis has a new collection, paintings of place embroidered with threads of memory making a nostalgic and romantic collection, showing together with Anne-Marie Butlins' beautiful still life paintings of flowers. It's "The Art of Romance" beginning on February 7th.
Morning in Provence
To start the year we have a collection of works from several artists. The "Start a Collection" exhibition is a rare opportunity for those with a real interest in art to start their own collection.
For three weeks in January work from a selection of gallery artists will be for sale at significantly discounted prices. Start a Collection offers work by artists such as Miles Heseltine, Sarah Wimperis, Richard Tuff and Richard Thorn, at prices that are more accessible to both first-time buyers and well-established collectors.
A selection of 50 works from the gallery collections will go on sale with savings of up to £1,000 on major works by key gallery artists. The collection is published online and works will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
So go and take a look on our new and glorious web site, let us know what you think and please call in to the gallery to see, in person, some of the best paintings available in Cornwall.
We have a very good feeling about 2014! Happy New Year!