Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Hotel Inspector

Being huge fans of the Channel 5 programme "The Hotel Inspector" We were very pleased to be asked by Alex Polizzi to provide some art work for the dining room makeover that featured in tonight's episode which can be viewed here Channel 5 Hotel Inspector.   Four of our lovely Richard Tuff prints appeared in a beautiful fresh room designed by Alex Polizzi.
Fine Art  makes a huge difference to the look and feel of a room and our staff at the gallery are there to help and advise you.  From finding the right painting to go with your new sofa to suggesting an artists work that will match your personality.  Love affairs with paintings start in our gallery and can last for generations!
Watch the Hotel Inspector to see the difference and then visit the gallery to fall in love!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Down at the Allotments

Are you fed up with the doom and gloom of recession-speak, do you want the Olympic-proud-to-be-British feeling to carry on? 
How about digging deep into the very British obsession with gardening and grow-your-own along with a truly glorious explosion of colour and joie de vive and visiting the gallery to experience the newest exhibition of Emma Dunbar's work.
A wonderfully exuberant collection of paintings celebrating allotments, from the dark brown corduroy of well tilled early spring soil, to an almost abstract patchwork of colourful sheds.  From the sgraffito of winter trees to the loose hatching of bean poles. 
The paintings are punctuated with effortless still lives.  Plates of harvested peppers, bundles of beans, a gardeners tea and biscuits, sit beside beautifully painted pots of plants or bunches of garden flowers stuffed haphazardly into Emma's enviable collection of cups and mugs.

It is a great showcase of Emma Dunbar's skill with composition, colour and collage. 
If you are fond of cheerfulness, colour and gardening and you want to bring a smile into every day then these paintings will tick all the boxes.
Don't worry, be happy, come and see the show!  The full exhibition opens on Friday at 10am and continues until August 29th.  You can also view and purchase on our web site. Beside The Wave
There is also a fun competition that you can do in the gallery or on line, so bring your children too.