Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spring! Its Here!

It is Spring inside the gallery, its that time of year again, our lovely mixed show brimming with blue sky, wind blown trees and flowers.
Around April Time  by Richard Thorn
400mm x 330mm, watercolour on paper, £900
We have the most beautiful watercolours by Richard Thorn, where the colours of winter are being overtaken by the spark of spring, you can almost hear the young leaves popping out of the tracery of twigs and branches while sparkling water babbles past.

Richard Tuff is showing some classic paintings of Helford Village, beguiling pastel cottages nestling amongst an astonishing array of greens and blending in an effortless patchwork of ochre's and yellows into the sandy Helford creek.
Across Helford Creek by Richard Tuff
 360mm x 470mm, gouache on paper, £1150

Imogen Bone's sketches of pine trees are sublime in their simplicity, confident pen lines describe these iconic trees of the west country, beautifully framed, these pages from Imogen's sketchbooks are a real find for the true collector.
Monterey Pines II  by Imogen Bone
165mm x 250mm,
 pen and inks on paper, £160

Amanda Hoskins many fans will not be disappointed.  Amanda brings the soft feminine touch of spring to the Cornish coastline with her delicate and evocative oil paintings of Falmouth and St Just.
Foxgloves and Cowslips by Amanda Hoskin
 225mm x 110mm, oil on paper, £450

Roy Goodman paints flowers in his trademark strong colours and powerful shapes.
Anemones, Grey Background  by Roy Goodman
500mm x 400mm, acrylic on canvas, £825

And Richard Stanley combines unusual colours with excellent mark making to produce wind blown trees and sparkling seas.
Shivering Tree, Rosewall Hill by Richard Stanley
 800mm x 800mm, oil on canvas, £1495

It is a show full of colour and light so banish the winter blues and ignore the squally showers to visit the gallery between 23rd March and 10th of April to experience Spring 2013 in all her glory.

Snowdrops in a Cup  by Debbie George
130mm x 130mm, acrylic on board, £200

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Cornish Sunshine by Andrew Tozer

Cornish sunshine beams forth from this new collection of Andrew Tozers paintings.
Silvery Sunshine, St Anthony Pines
420mm x 600mm, acrylic on board

Its not the bright blue of Mediterranean skies or the azure of the sea surrounding some Greek archipelago that strike you but rather the soft haze of a Cornish summer.  Grey blue skies, lavender and teal seas with the limped reflections of deep blue green trees.
Helford Village, High Tide
430mm x 610mm, acrylic on board
Andrew Tozer captures with astonishing fluidity all of our childhood summers.  It is almost as if he has a secret store of bottled atmosphere, the essence of summer, forever Cornwall.  Children play in rock pools,
At the Waters Edge
300mm x 450mm, acrylic on board
or mess about in the shallows, trees dance in fresh summer breezes and boats sail across sparkling seas.
Across Falmouth Harbour from Flushing
560mm x 790mm, acrylic on board

This collection is bursting with light, life and movement, the paintings are a joy to look at, seemingly so simple and yet fascinatingly complex, with a perfect pallet of deliciously subtle colours.  I would be surprised if you didn't come away feeling invigorated and refreshed and very much looking forward to the summer in Cornwall.
View from Bosloe up Helford River
160mm x 245mm, acrylic on paper
There is also a beautiful hardback book to accompany the exhibition, which you can buy on our website as well as in the gallery, this includes some of Andrew's sketches and a few of those sketches are available to purchase at the exhibition.
There is an evening viewing on Friday 8th March from 6pm until 8pm and the whole exhibition is available to view on our website from 10am tomorrow

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring, Just Around the Corner...

 The daffodils are blooming, there is a blooming cold wind but its dry, there have been blue skies and on Tuesday the 5th of March it is St Piran's day (the patron saint of Cornwall)
All in all, spring is springing and we are in joyful mood.  To celebrate and herald the start of a lovely season our resident painter and decorator has redecorated the upper gallery...
 The rich winter crimson has become bright spring yellow, the colour of Monet's dining room at Giverny. 
Downstairs the joyful theme continues as we have the catalogue selection for Andrew Tozer's new exhibition "Cornish Sunshine" which opens on the 8th of March... a fuller blog post about that later.
Happy Days
300mm x 450mm, acrylic on board
So it is hurrah for Spring and "Happy Days" all round.