Thursday, 23 December 2010

Own Art

Do you know about Own Art Loans?  Have you thought about Own Art Loans? 
These are interest free loans which can really help spread the cost of buying  a painting that you have fallen in love with.  They are repayable in 10 monthly instalments and as they are completely interest free you never pay more than the advertised price.
Here are a few examples:   This gorgeous painting by Paul Lewin could be yours, to enjoy every day, to transport you to a cliff top perch on Gwennap Head.  And that could be possible for just  £99.50 per month, for 10 monthly payments.  ( That is approximately £24 per week or £3.42 per day.)

Or this beautiful little painting by Debbie George could be yours for £20 per month, or £5.00 per week or 71pence per day. 

You could own an Amanda Hoskin for £55 per month for 10 months

Or a put a wonderful , joyful Emma Dunbar on your walls for £140 per month for 10 months
You can apply for as little as £100 or as much as £2,000 for the purchase of original works of art by living artists in any media including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, glassware, and artist made jewellery.

The gallery is open until 8pm today, Thursday, for the last late night shopping before Christmas. Tomorrow it is Christmas Eve and we are open until 3pm.  After the big day and Boxing Day we open again through to the New Year, all the times are on our web site.

Friday, 17 December 2010

There is Jewellery Too...Sarah Wimperis takes a look at some very lovely things!

When I visited the gallery with the mission to take some pictures of the jewellery for the blog I was overwhelmed by a fit of the entirely understandable, extremely natural but childish reaction..."I want that one, I want that one now and that one, oh and look at that..."

There are works that seem to have captured twigs and stoned in lustrous silver, like jack frost on his best and most brilliant morning.  One necklace appeared to be made from delicate quails eggs interspersed with silver seed pods, a hatchery of dreams.

Then wonderful chunks of gem and crystal, huge lumps of geological gloriousness.  Some cloudy collections of subtle colour others taking light and throwing it out with an ethereal glow.  I can imagine never wanting to take them off,  if the healing powers of precious stones are true, these creations would make you feel on top of the world.
Other works are stunning and so beautifully crafted that it is hard to believe that they are all recycled.  Hours of labour I would imagine to create such light and colourful necklaces, bracelets and broaches.  Wearing them would make a heart glow with green pride!

There are pieces that would enhance a neckline with a riot of colour, as if Rackham himself had got out his colouring pencils and began to think of mermaids, or doodled some rambling roses, creations in brilliantly coloured enamelled copper wire.
There are light hearted retro spotted pieces, intricate wire hearts sprinkled with deep red stones, huge yet delicate silver bangles like pleated Japanese silk, beaten silver hearts hanging from red velvet ribbons.
The collection is constantly changing so a visit to the gallery will reveal a multitude of wonderful, unique and beautiful jewellery made by inspired artists. 

What a lovely Christmas present, or for a birthday or just to say "I love you" or "thank you"  I can think of a million reasons...
Artists whose work you will find in the gallery are:
Holly Belsher.  Abigail Brown.  Becky Crawford.  Philippa Dutton.  Penny Gray.
Anne Hill.  Stephanie Johnson.  Emily Nixon.  Mary Otty.  Sarah Packington.
David Pascoe.  Sally Pawson.  Michael Peckitt.  Victoria Smith.  Annie Wilson.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ceramics and Glass

The gallery is not only a showcase for wonderful paintings but also houses a collection of some stunning work by contemporary crafts people, artists in clay, porcelain and glass.
The beautifully free and expressive work of Linda Styles whose multi layered, organically abstract pieces are always visually and physically exciting.  Like an explosion of joie de vivre with her own glaze mixes and lustres layered and singing from each piece.
The work of Charlotte Jones is made from the fabric of Cornwall itself,  with local clays from St Agnes and coloured with oxides and clays that she digs and collects herself.  The inspiration for the pieces is clearly derived from Cornwall with echoes of slate roofs and surf smoothed stones, granite etched fields and wind bent hawthorn.

The pieces are  wonderful to hold. The whole pot being built like a three dimensional collage, the pattern built into the structure, going all the way through rather than coating the surface.

Denise Roberts makes work that is a combination of thrown and hand building techniques.  Her work is hand coloured before firing

There is a slightly vintage playful feel  to her work, which makes sense as her inspiration comes partly  from a childhood of family holidays spent caravanning around Britain.
If you are a visitor to the gallery you may have noticed the bright and beautiful works in fused glass that are always carefully placed to compliment the paintings.
These are the work of David Pascoe, who used to work as a fisherman, going to sea daily off the Cornish coast.  The influence is there in the glass, the pieces are reminiscent of the colours found in buoys and nets, they have a slightly retro feel and are defiantly full to bursting with glorious colour.
These are just a few of the artists that we represent, visit the website for more or visit us in the gallery.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Brrrrr !!!!! Mulled Wine Rescheduled!!!

It is definitely very cold outside, and we would like to invite all of you to come along to the Gallery on Saturday to see our Winter Collection and warm yourself with mulled wine and minced pies. We think this is a better idea than inviting you to join us this evening when it's minus 4 and lots of our roads resemble skating rinks...meanwhile, have a lovely snuggly evening, wherever you are!