Thursday, 26 January 2012

Still Lifes

Simon Stooks
1930s Boat with Cornish Cup
Still Lifes, quiet places and silent moments.  It is January, misty and grey outside.  Take the time to pause for a while and look around an imaginary room.
Emma Jeffreys
Still Life with Pink Bag
A vase of flowers sit beside a cup, a bowl and a glass, before them are scattered four shells and a fallen bloom and beneath a glorious splash of pink in the form of a plastic bag.  Look again and a blue and white jug is echoed by a blue paint pot.
Simon Stooks
Paint Pot and Cornish Cream Jug
Three elegant and superbly simple pots sit on a white shelf,
Paul Lewin
Three Alice Gaskell Pots
Light is reflected in rosy hews from apples placed in unconscious arrangement upon a china plate.
Robert Jones
Three Apples
In the corner of this imaginary room is the stillest life of all, a television set, closed to the bustle and shriek of the world outside, reflecting back, as if through a glass darkly, your still life.
Ashley Hold
Petals fall and rest on patterned cloth, shadows move imperceptibly and a small harvest ripens on a windowsill.
Philip Hogben
Farmyard and Flowers

Beside the Wave is celebrating the still life genre of painting with a beautifully fresh exhibition of work from some of our artists.  Paul Lewin has come inside, away from the cliff edge to paint calm and elegant works with a limited and very beautiful pallet.
Paul Lewin
Interior, After Gwen John.
Anne -Marie Butlin is celebrating exotic pattern and rich colours with her paintings of flowers and everyday objects that burst with a powerful femininity.
Anne-Marie Butlin
Blue Shoes
Simon Stooks and Emma Jeffryes present us with beautifully composed paintings that have a deceptively simple altered perspective.  Robert Jones and Philip Hogben give us domestic still life and steep their subjects in the rich painterly tradition of this genre.  Ashley Hold has painted interiors, desperately empty, still and peaceful yet brimming with unspoken comment.
Ashley Hold
Still Lifes opens on Friday 27th January, with the Private View, 6-8pm and continues until Wednesday 8th February.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Brand New Year

Richard Thorn
Headland Waves
600mm x 800mm, watercolour on paper
We closed the gallery on Wednesday 11th of January and had a very dynamic and productive Strategy Day with everybody involved in the running of the gallery.  We have plans and aims and wishes and desires.  One of the first results of the day is that we have secured a stand at the prestigious Watercolours and Works on Paper Fair which is held at The Science Museum, London  on February 2nd-5th.  It is an exciting fair with all sorts of wonderful work exhibited.  We shall be taking several of our artists, an list will follow soon,  and with just over two weeks to get our Art Fair team into shape it is a good job they are so keen!   Almost concurrently is our first exhibition of the year "Still Lifes"  That is a very beautiful collection of work by some of our artists which will surprise and delight...but that's another blog post.
Visit us at the fair if you are in London, we will be on stand B30.