Monday, 28 January 2013

Anne-Marie Butlin- Special Collection

It is a fascinating thing to be able to watch an artist work.  To be able to begin to understand how a painting is constructed and what thought processes the artist goes through to achieve apparently effortless brilliance.
This week we have a Special Collection by an artist who is rapidly gaining a deserved reputation for her wonderful flower paintings. 
In January's edition of Artist and Illustrator magazine she gives a masterclass into one of her paintings, a step by step look.
These images are taken from the article and it comes as no surprise that her working methods are so well considered.

Anne-Marie Butlin makes paintings that are beautifully feminine with such strength and purpose that we are left in no doubt that each brushstroke and every colour has been placed deliberately and thoughtfully considered.
Delicate flowers and fine china radiate presence and form, beautiful parades of colour march across the canvas.

 Come and see for yourself, or view the collection on line on our new web site .
All paintings are available for sale from the gallery or our web site and we deliver paintings world wide.  You can also get a fascinating peek into the gallery on our face book page and see the paintings that way.

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