Wednesday, 13 February 2013

'Simple Things, Still Life'... Let us tell you a story...

Tous le Matins du Monde
800mm x 610mm, oil on board
Sarah Wimperis is a great contemporary impressionist. This year, in her first solo show at Beside The Wave, thirty years of dedication to painting have yielded a collection of paintings that is subtly and confidently rooted in the simplicity of day to day life. These are paintings that are inviting, complex and personal.
Kitchen Sink Drama
520mm x 370mm, watercolour on paper
Silver and Lime Flowers
230mm x 300mm, oil on board
Through the Door
800mm x 610mm, oil on board

‘I hope to capture the light and mood of a place that I know intimately’

Sarah Wimperis is a story teller, and in this her paintings portray the beauty and simplicity of a daily life that others may just wander past. She delights in everyday scenes and objects shown just as they are, captured with an immediacy that has them documented before they disappear from view; delicately described capsules of time and space, often peaceful and deserted.

The Scent of Lilies
1200mm x 1500mm, oil on linen
610mm x 505mm, oil on board

The very concept of telling a tale draws on a delicate nostalgia in Sarah, and in so doing extends to us an invitation to reconnect with childhood recollections of our own.
Copper and Mist
200mm x 300mm, oil on board
Aloes at Heligan
300mm x 235mm, oil on board

Gardens are central to Sarah’s creativity and have always been an intrinsic part of her life. Even today, the smell of creosote and garden twine reminds her of her grandfather which, for Sarah, means ‘time travel is only a garden shed away.’
The paintings of outdoor scenes have been inspired by gardens great and small - from the historic Heligan to the stunning Trebah and the little courtyard gardens of her friends captured, there and then, before the moment passes. The exquisite spaces, shaped by their intimate connection to creator, curators and of course Sarah herself, as the narrator.

Sarah Wimperis’ paintings of place are quiet and evocative; these are works that invite you in; you want to be there at the table, amidst the scented flowers, or at ease by the fire of that fabric-rich room. These are paintings of the simple beauty that surrounds us - and yet often we don’t stop to look.

This is a collection that is not to be missed. Come along to the Evening Viewing at Beside The Wave on Friday 15th February at 6pm to experience these beautiful paintings with a glass of wine and good company and of course the chance to meet the story teller herself!

To celebrate this show we have produced a limited edition book from Beside The Wave including a selection of paintings from the show and accompanying studies and words from Sarah. It can be purchased directly from our website, here’s a link -

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