Friday, 11 January 2013

Miles Heseltine : Western Approaches.

Boscawen Un
1050mm x 2200mm, charcoal on paper £1750
To experience the landscape of West Penwith is to experience the raw elemental power of our island home.  It is not difficult to imagine ancient Celtic shaman finding spiritual places and areas to construct their megalithic structures and to connect to their world. 
Most of us have wandered about in these old places, touching a stone and musing for a moment on the ways of the old religions and our distant ancestors. Afterwards returning to our busy lives, the wild moorland just a flicker on our TV screen of memories. 
Miles Heseltine however seems able to capture the very essence of place, like an alchemist he condenses and recreates the energy and resonance of this powerful landscape.
Hawthorn at Ding Dong
500mm x 1000mm, oil on canvas £1250
Stone circles and burial chambers, church towers and mine workings all point towards rain grey skies as markers of the human spirit.  Hawthorn trees bend against the wind like huddled figures. 
Heseltine has taken oil paint and made places speak, taken charcoal and graphite and given the elements a song.  Magnificent drawings wrought within the landscape itself spread their arms across the walls of rooms and bring the land home with us. 
There is no mystic misty fakery about these paintings, no new age magic, this is the real thing.  An honest, uncompromising response to a beautiful, elemental landscape that speaks across millenia to our ancient memories.
Nine Maidens, Boskendan
        1150mm x 2250mm, charcoal on paper £1750
Reproductions  cannot do this work justice, it has to be experienced.  Let yourself go and allow the paintings and drawings talk to you, just as Miles Heseltine has allowed the landscape to inhabit him.
The exhibition is displayed in our newly refurbished gallery from the 11th until the 23rd of January...and it is magnificent.
Mine Working at Ding Dong
400mm x 400mm, oil on canvas £550

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