Thursday, 23 February 2012

Distant Perspectives

Benjamin Warner's new exhibition is the second in the Effortless Brustrokes collection of shows. 
He has produced a wonderful collection of epic paintings.  Cornwall appears as if shrouded in a timeless mist, one that blurs the present day with vistas from another age.   Truro cathedral rises out of the landscape and seems to be in a time before it was even built.
Familiar places are seen with fresh eyes and a different soul has evolved from beneath the artists brush. Turf, heather and winter grass are conjured up out of pigment and oil. The smallest of brushstrokes becomes a house or a path across the moor.  There is a great mastery of medium apparent in this body of work.
Benjamin Warner allows us a view of Cornwall that is both new and yet as old as the Cheesewring its self.  
The exhibition is well worth a visit and will be on show at the gallery from Friday 24th until Wednesday March 7th.

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Kristina said...

Very pretty paintings - to a certain extent they look like photographs. Love the details and the brush stroke.