Friday, 16 March 2012

Precious Things

Polzeath Bathers
Did you know that there is a physical reaction when you look at art that you like.  It feels a bit like butterflies, or that feeling when you almost trip downstairs, not totally pleasant, its a rush of adrenalin,  Apparently, according to the science programme on Radio 4 yesterday, it is measurable!  Your pulse quickens and your palms sweat!
Expect a lot of sweaty palms tonight, these paintings are exciting and masterful.  There is a breathless ease with which Andrew Tozer manages to choose such sublime colours, those blues in a sparkling sea, one can imagine that they come out of the tube complete with the cry of gulls and the shouts of children playing.
Summer, Polzeth
The same thing happens with "Summer Polzeth" Effortless brushstrokes become dozens of figures, a sweep of colour is easily a windbreak.  It looks so easy and is actually so difficult.  What hours of work allow someone to catch a shadow, to convey a fleeting moment with such unerring confidence?
Durgan Light, July.
The colours in this body of work are surprisingly bright, like the acid green in Durgan Light, or the joyful grass in Birthday Party,
Birthday Party
but they sit beautifully within the context of each painting.  It is like a glorious summer day, playing on the beach then home for bedtime.   Because after all the excitement of the sea, boats in the bay, clouds scudding across a blue evening sky, a shiny birthday party, we are taken home, where the breeze softly blows the curtains and a little girl plays with precious things
Precious Things
and later, just before bedtime, there is a little time for drawing.
Drawings for Freddie.
This is a wonderful exhibition by an artist who paints with his heart on his pallet.
Opening tonight 16th March and continuing until 28th March.

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