Friday, 10 February 2012

Effortless Brushstrokes

Alachai Mor V
1025 x 1220 mm
by Chris Rigby
Opening tonight, a very exciting mixed exhibition of truly awe inspiring paintings.  This is the launch of our second year of collaboration with Falmouth Art Gallery.  Fourteen of our artists are represented in this show with one major piece each being exhibited at Falmouth Art Gallery in an exhibition inspired by John Singer Sargent, whose maxim was "to convey the maximum with the minimum of effort."  In other words a display of breathtaking skill, apparently effortless, unquestionably stunning.
The show runs until April 14th and is surely not to be missed.
Here is a little taster...
Tresco Trees
365 x 605mm
by Neil Pinkett
Woodland II (May)
1000 x 1000mm
by Miles Heseltine
Lead The Way and Dance
605 x 505mm
by Paul Wadsworth
Garden Pots
215 x 215
by Sarah Wimperis

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