Thursday, 1 December 2011

Guess What...

The colour, it's red.
 There are cold bright frosty nights.
 Lights sparkle against the dark skies.
 But inside all is warm, and red, with special cups, and chocolates.
 Outside the boats are all moored up.
Delicious things to eat
Distant hills are dusted with snow.
Best table cloths are all spread.
An apple right in the toe of your stocking....
Guess What...
Its Christmas at the gallery!
 Come and feast your eyes and feed your soul on many beautiful works of art.  
A million tiny brush strokes fill the upstairs gallery with a show of exquisite small paintings. Downstairs is full of new and exciting work especially gathered in to celebrate the festive season.  Mince pies and mulled wine kick off this lovely burst of joy from 6pm till 8 pm on Thursday 1st December, tonight!
Come and be merry!

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