Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christmas Updates

White Roses and Pears
by Anne-Marie Butlin
400mm x 400mm
oil on canvas £650

Sarah Wimperis will be painting miniatures.  Using tiny brushes and specially prepared surfaces she will be creating some new but very tiny works of art.  She will also have samples of vellum, ivorine and a very small piece of 10,000 year old mammoth tusk (Mammoth is no longer on the endangered species list) So if you would like to watch for a while, ask questions or even have a little go with the magnifying glasses and minute brushes she will be in the upper gallery from 10am until 5pm on Saturday 17th December and Thursday 22nd December.
Dotty Stripy Cup
by Sarah Wimperis
100mm x 100mm
oil on board £150

If you have plans for a special Christmas present,  a  reminder that the last delivery dates for Christmas posting are Monday 19th of December
Violas in Grannies Teacups
by Emma Dunbar
300mm x 300mm
acrylic and gold leaf on board £575

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