Sunday, 27 November 2011

Star of The Show

Night View
1500mm x 1200mm
oil on board
by Ashley Hold
We had a very successful show at the Edinburgh Art Fair with our artists and their outstanding work being hugely appreciated.  We were extremely proud of the caliber of the work that Beside The Wave represents and it was a genuine pleasure to be able to meet so many people and to talk about the work that we had on show.  The work of Sarah Wimperis flew off the walls, Andrew Tozer's new paintings were very popular, Emma Dunbar's work was much admired as was Robert Jones and Anne Marie Butlin.  Miles Heseltine, as per the Art Fair in London, attracted genuine acclaim from fellow painters and Danny Markey's work was also appreciated.
One painting, it has to be said, was the star of the show.  Night View by Ashley Hold. This attracted so much attention.  People were coming back two or three times to have another look, bringing their friends and having lively discussions about what they could see in the painting, gasps of delight as they spotted yet another nuance and huge admiration for the skill involved in such a complex work of art.
We were delighted to be able to live with this painting for three days and found that it stayed with us long after the show closed each night, informing the way that we looked at, through and beyond the reflections in night windows, creating a still and quiet contemplation of the human condition.  It is a rare thing to be the conduit of such a work of art, and it feels like an honour.


Anonymous said...

Oh SO little surprise there, Ash is a genius, and SO underrated - by now he should be in major London galleries as his work is just SO different and SO intriguing. From a fellow artist who has loved Ash's work for many years :-)

beside-the-wave said...

Thanks Glyn! We are so delighted with the response we had to this incredible painting and we are also delighted that it has gone to a very wonderful new home in Scotland. We have lots of follow up interest for Ashley too. We'll keep you posted.