Saturday, 14 July 2012

Summer 's Here!

Sails in the Sunshine from Flushing
by Andrew Tozer
425mm x 600mm, acrylic on board,
News Flash!!
Summer has arrived, the sun is sparkling off the water, light is filling billowing sails, flowers are tumbling out of vases, children are splashing in the surf.  The stuff of dreams, happy memories of summer that keep us all going through the winter months.
Garden Flowers in a Turquoise Vase
by Anne-Marie Butlin
400mm x 400mm, oil on canvas,
OK, so that all might seem like a bit of a joke this summer but strap on your rain coat, hoist your umbrella and splash through the puddles to the Gallery and enjoy the summer show. 
A wonderfully exuberant and optimistic collection by eleven of our artists, if there is the merest splash of sunshine you can be sure that they have captured it.
Little Surf Hoppers
by Sarah Wimperis
185mm x 185mm, oil on board,
The catalogue collection is on show now and from Saturday 21st July, the whole collection will be displayed. 
If you are far away you can view the catalogue on our web site.  You can also search for Beside The Wave on Facebook, not forgetting to "like" our page when you find it, and view them all there as well. 
 It is easy to make a purchase over the phone and you can even do "Own Art" over the phone.  The painting above is only £30.00 per month with the interest free Own Art loan, now that is a bargain!
Still Life
by Myles Oxenford
700mm x 700mm, oil on linen,

There is a very good rule: If you like a painting in a catalogue or on line then you will really be smitten in real life.  So don't let something that you love slip away, make a splash, dive into distance purchasing!

Over the Back Wall
by Sarah Wimperis
610mm x 475mm, oil on board,
The gallery is open 7 days a week from 10:00am until 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday, and from 11:30am to 4:00pm, there is always someone very willing to talk you through a painting, tell you about the artist and discuss your purchase over the phone. We ship all over the world and our packaging is a work of art in its self!
Lapping Tide, Praa Sands
by Richard Stanley
 SOLD300mm x 326mm, mixed media on paper, £450

There you that got away!  Come and make summer happen, the exhibition will continue until Wednesday 15th August, there is an umbrella stand just inside the door, see you soon.

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