Friday, 6 July 2012

John Raynes. Aspects of Dawn.

Falmouth Docks Study III
230mm x 285mm, oil on canvas £850

To watch the dawn of a new day is a wonderful experience.  As the dark sky begins to herald the coming of the sun, the changing colours and light levels slowly reveal  the still sleeping world.

John Raynes has braved many cold dark mornings to capture these often missed moments.  In a gloriously rich colour pallet the sun rises golden and magnificent over familiar landscapes made mysterious and magical by the beginning of the day.
Soon After Dawn, Penryn Quay
390mm x 500mm, oil on board, £1295

Other paintings in the collection have the soft silvery light and the still calm of early morning.  These paintings are stunning in their exquisite composition and beautiful serenity.

John Raynes has been a very successful painter and illustrator for over 35 years combining this with teaching art to many people both in the UK and aboard.  He has written sixteen books on drawing and painting and has devoted his time to painting  full time from the nineties.  He is a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour  and a professional portrait artist.

This brilliant exhibition of his latest work not only captures the dawning of the new day but also is a testament to the skill and knowledge built over many years of observation and practise as a professional  artist.
Easter Cross at Carn Brea, Dawn
920mm x 1220mm, oil on canvas, £5950
The exhibition can be viewed on our web site and will be in the main gallery until Wednesday 18th July.

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zz said...

Do like this composition format of 'Easter Cross at Carn Brea, Dawn'. Looks even better when viewed larger on the web site !!