Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Winter Exhibition 2010

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!" (but not tomorrow please, if that's OK)
As you might imagine, getting into the Gallery has been something of a challenge these past couple of days, with the hills and back streets resembling a downhill skating rink as children (including ours) bodyboard down the steepest of them. If it doesn't thaw, tomorrow's mulled wine and mince pies, will be rescheduled to Saturday...so do watch this space.What a winter show we have for you though...!
As we speak, Cornwall's fields and hedges are blanketed, white and clean, purple shadows paint the land, bright blue skies hover above sparkling seas. What a contrast for the Cornish Riviera more accustomed to the sway of palm trees than landscapes of the frozen north, so wonderfully captured in this painting by Sarah Wimperis...
Blue by Sarah Wimperis
160mm x 300mm, oil on board
And as everyone who knows Cornwall intimately knows, Cornwall shows us her soul in the winter. Gone are the bright emerald necklaces of woodland along the river banks, the shimmering silks of turquoise seas, the bustling flocks of tourists; and those of us remaining are left to stand in a quiet landscape, to breathe in cold still air infused with muted greens and subtle browns, to look across a glassy sea towards a lighthouse bleached pale by a winter sun.

St. Anthony's Lighthouse, Roseland by Myles Oxenford
300mm x 350mm, oil on board
...whereas last week we were bracing ourselves before the mighty power of the sea, salt spray on our lips, dazzled by surf beating on the solid grey cliffs and a wind so strong that you can lean into it....
Storm at Porthleven by John Raynes
510mm x 610mm, oil on canvas

...As we walk, on once busy beaches, solitary specks beneath leaden skies, before a pale jade sea, heading home before the last light of the sun disappears, before the rain, to tea by the fire.

Rain Clouds, St. Ives Bay by Mike Hindle
520mm x 620mm, gouache on paper

...Or perhaps we're looking out, across the bay as a little boat nods goodbye to the day while a cupful of winter red polyanthus brightens the room.

Evening Sky by Debbie George
400mm x 400mm, acrylic on board

If all this outdoor stuff is making you feel cold then come inside, there is a beautiful painting that has a summer theme but manages to hold us enthralled at Christmas as well with its stunning colours of rich reds, splashes of gold, snowy whites and touches of silver leaf.
Summer Bunches and Strawberries by Emma Dunbar
450mm x 680mm, acrylic and silver leaf on board
So as you can see, Cornwall is looking beautiful and Christmas is coming! This really is an exhibition that displays Cornwall in all her glory, there is much more to see and talk about, you will be able to visit the exhibition from 6-8pm on Wednesday 1st December (weather permitting) and it will continue until Saturday 8th January.  You can view (and purchase) all of the catalogue paintings on our web site www.beside-the-wave.co.uk and the whole exhibition will be on our web site from 6pm on December 1st.

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