Friday 7 February 2014

It's Wild and Rough Outside So ...

Step inside and be surrounded by romance, memory and love!

Ranunculus in a White Jug
A Proven├žal Morning

Beautiful paintings by Anne-Marie Butlin are exhibited alongside the work of Sarah Wimperis.



Butlin paints exquisite still life, flowers whose colours have been so carefully chosen, each brushstroke has a considered place resulting in a delicate painting with surprising strength.

In The Late Afternoons I Thought of You


While the paintings by Sarah Wimperis draw on memories and places, creating work with a narritave that brings back forgotten feelings and emotions.


All The Letters I Wrote

There are also the serene and wonderful ceramic forms by Annie Hellyer and delicious jewellery from Stephanie Johnson and Emily Nixon. So come along to a warm and calm space, take refuge from the terrible weather and feed your romantic soul!

If you haven't been there yet, our brand new web site is a joy to navigate and has all of the paintings that we hold in the gallery as well as every ceramic and item of jewellery so pay a visit and see what is there.

Still Life with Spring Blossom



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