Thursday, 16 January 2014

Introducing Oliver Bevan.

Cliff Against the Light by Oliver Bevan
100cm x 81cm
oil on canvas
This week we are introducing a new artist: Oliver Bevan.
Bevan is a British artist who was born in Peterborough, UK, in 1941 and educated at Eton College.
After leaving school he spent a year in 1959-60 working for Voluntary Service Overseas in British North Borneo before returning to London to study painting at the Royal College of Art, where he became strongly influenced by Op Art and in particular the work of Victor Vasarely.
Bevan graduated from the RCA in 1964 and had his first exhibition of Op Art-inspired paintings the following year. Optical, geometric and kinetic art then served him well until the late 1970's.  Then he moved to the Canadian prairies for a two-year teaching post at the University of Saskatchewan. By the time he returned to London in 1979 he had abandoned abstract art in favour of figurative art and urban realism.
Low Tide Bedruthan
oil on canvas
50cm x 50cm
In recent years he has been drawn to the coast and produced some outstanding landscapes on the North Coast of Cornwall some of which are currently showing at Beside The Wave.
You can view all of the paintings on our new web site or visit the gallery this week to see them on display.

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