Thursday, 11 April 2013

Let There Be Light

And so it is!  After what seems like months of darkness and miserable weather the sun is due to make a comeback which coincides beautifully with our new exhibition by Andrew Giddens, "Let There Be Light"
Morning Arrival
500mm x 1200mm, oil on canvas

This is a stunning collection of the most beautiful paintings of the sea, of light and of the sheer energy and power of the natural world.  Surf is booming and retreating in every painting.  The mood is calm and full of serenity in some works and brooding and powerful in others.
The Wind and the Whisper
700mm x 1000mm, oil on canvas
With wonderful titles, such as above, The Wind and the Whisper, these paintings have the ability to transport you to a different place.
Step back and view an almost photo real depiction of the ocean, step forwards and marvel in the texture of the paint application and the amazing array of colours used to make these images.
More Joy!
200mm x 500mm, oil on canvas
Andrew Giddens has a true gift, he can paint water that appears glassy and clear whilst having the huge weight and swell of the sea, right there, inside the painting.
It is a lovely collection, the show runs from 10am on Friday 12th of April continuing until the 24th. 
There is an evening viewing from 6pm on Friday where you can enjoy a glass of wine, meet Andrew and be exhilarated by the swell of the sea.
And, for the very first time you can buy paintings and prints with the click of a button from our web site.

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