Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New Limited Edition Prints

Just in time for Christmas!  You can see all of our new collection of LEP's by visiting our web page or our facebook page. Here are a few to be tickling your taste buds...

Wall Flowers in front of the Window
by Richard Tuff
That's a beauty, look at the effortless way he uses gouache, free, spontaneous and delightful.
Summer Moon
by Amanda Hoskin
There are some pretty new Hoskin prints, everyone's favourite and so easy to live with, beautiful Cornwall captured with a tender touch.

Strawberries and Asparagus
by Emma Dunbar
Gorgeously bright and exuberant, Dunbar will cheer up anywhere in your home, rich colours and simple subjects make a heart warming combination.

Sails in the Sunshine from Flushing
by Andrew Tozer
A classic from Tozer, perfect colours, chosen and applied with confidence and skill, look at that juicy splash of top sail.
Winter Storm Kynance I
by Andrew Giddens
One of the best winter sea paintings that Giddens has ever done, capturing the power in the sea and almost painting the sound of the surf.

Over the Back Wall
by Sarah Wimperis
Another bright garden from Wimperis, this time its the one behind the gallery, next time you are in have a look out of the back window.
And come in soon, all of these and more are available now, framed and ready to hang on your wall, or mounted and ready to wrap and give as a gift, or simply as a signed and numbered print, perfect for posting or taking home in your suitcase.

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