Friday, 12 October 2012

Chris Rigby. "Force of Nature"

Eshaness Volcanic Cliffs
1019mm x 1224mm. oil on board £6,850
Chris Rigby paints the power of nature.  The cliffs he paints are monumental, solid and unforgiving.  The seas are alive, foam and waves pounding relentlessly against crags and rock.  The light he represents is delicate, grazing the very edge of clifftops, shimmering through rock arches and briefly illuminating ephemeral salt laden spray.  These paintings pulsate with life.

Shetland Arch II
710mm x 610mm.  oil on board £3,250
They are the remote landscapes, the edges of our world, places where few feet have trodden and fewer hands have touched. They are landscapes that inspire respect and speak to our most distant memories. 
Chris Rigby is a hugely talented plein air painter and produces small gouache and watercolour paintings perched on top of windswept cliffs or wedged between rocks.  With these paintings he captures the very essence of the wild, windswept nature of Shetland, Southern Ireland and hidden corners of Tresco.  They then serve as reference for the larger works.
In the Long Grass, Alachai Mor. Co. Kerry.
308mm x 570mm watercolour and gouache.  £875
He is much more that a painter of place, he is a distiller of souls, the souls of these remote and exciting landscapes, the battered and uncompromising edges of our islands.  Places that remain constant and represent what will always be the most honest habitat that we have ever known.  Places that our ancestors would have gazed upon with the same feelings of awe and respect.
It is an awe inspiring collection of work and well worth a visit, come along and enjoy a very exceptional talent.
10am Monday 15th October until Sunday 21st October.

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