Friday, 18 May 2012

Amanda Hoskin : Homecoming

Last week I enjoyed a conversation with Amanda Hoskin, she was sitting on the gallery floor surrounded by the results of several months of hard labour.  Paintings everywhere, sprouting, greens, blues and soft pinks, like the Cornish hedgerows in springtime, a breath of fresh air.   
Flowers in May, Falmouth  
As she merrily penned the titles on the backs she explained what this new series of work is all about.  Growing up in Falmouth, Amanda spent her childhood on the shores and waters of Carrick  roads, learning to sail in Mylor.

Morning Walk along the River, staying onboard the Boat at Mylor
These paintings have a quiet reflective quality, almost as if time has softened their edges.  The sea melts into the sky, cliffs and distant landscapes are coaxed into existence by a gentle touch and the foregrounds are softened by splatter and froth of cow parsley and summer grasses. 

Summer Evening, St. Mawes
 The titles are tiny stories in themselves, the day that was cold but the dog went swimming, a walk in the morning after staying on board the boat, special views, private moments, little daydreams.  
A Winters Day, but the Dog is Happy to Swim
A beautiful collection that is a privelage to be able to share.  The preview is in the gallery tonight, Amanda will be there and I think she will be bringing her sketchbooks, works of art in their own right.  The whole collection is now online and available to purchase.

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