Friday, 27 April 2012

Andrew Giddens, One Step Closer

Andrew Giddens has been out in all weathers, capturing the essence of the sea in winter. 

Gathering the flotsam and jetsam, the foam and spume by the armful, condensing them, mixing them together with lashings of memories of a childhood spent on the Lizard and adding the deep pigment that is his own spirituality, he appears to have made special paint and bottled it!

This essence of place, this perfume of salt and iodine, memories and joy is then transported back to his studio and appears on a glorious amount of canvas. 
And now the sea is crashing into the gallery.  It is not so much Beside the Wave as inside the Wave.
Not wanting to rest easy by painting what he knows is successful he has moved to a different view, exploring the beaches and coves of the Lizard, digging deep for personal memories and emotions while pushing himself as a painter, to try new things and  to perfect his technique. 
As a brand new father of a beautiful baby girl, a little sister to three lovely boys, Andrew has his hands full.  Adopting a very happy self discipline,  he gets up early and works in the mornings, leaving the afternoons for his family. 
He says that painting is his time out, a place in the day where he can meditate on the world around him and celebrate a life filled with the simple glories of a crashing wave, the cry of gulls, the chatter of children and now the sound of a newborn.
Join us in the gallery for a private view tonight from 6pm.  Then every day until May 9th.

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