Thursday, 27 October 2011

London Affordable Art Fair

We are getting good at this!  Having done the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol in May we felt much more confident as we drove the trusty van along the scenic route, via Dorset and the New Forest, to London.  Obviously an artist's route!  It was our first time at the Affordable Art Fair in London. 
Arriving, unloading and hanging is very hard work but we hit the deadline of 3pm on the Wednesday ready for the press, it was a bit like changing rooms, and our stand looked fantastic.  We all felt very proud of our artists and the work that we were showing.
Miles Heseltine had done some wonderful new paintings, his work attracted a lot of attention and many red dots. Sarah Wimperis and Andrew Tozer also sold extreamly well. Indeed, the influence of a Summer of Contempoary Impressionisim at the Gallery was apparent in their work and hugely appreciated by collectors.
Roy Goodman's evolving style and fresh colours were much commented on. Sarah Wimperis developed a fantastic selling plan which involved buying ceramics from other stands and then believing that this would help sell her own work.  It worked!  She also managed to very succesfully represented the other artists as well!!
Our stand was resplendant with a catalogue on an iPad and QR codes and a book full of red dots. We met up with a lot of our London based collectors and many new ones.
Now armed with even more Art Fair confidence we are heading for Edinburgh Art Fair in November, only three weeks away, paint, artists...paint!

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