Friday, 19 August 2011

Four Artists

Miles Heseltine Woodland II (sold)
 Opening this Saturday at 10am a collection of new paintings by four of our artists. Miles Hesletine, Myles Oxenford, Benjamin Warner and Andrew Giddens.  All four artists are exhibiting their own response to the world around them, embodying the sentiments of the impressionist movement. 
Miles Heseltine.  Woodland IV
Miles Heseltine has four stunning paintings of woodland.  Bristling with energy and almost exploding with emotion, beautifully simple yet full of depth these little paintings take you by the hand, right into the woods and almost shove you headlong into the bluebells.  They are quite beautiful and as you may be able to tell, have taken my breath away.  They really need to be seen, in person as the strong scribing marks that break the surface of the paint cry out to be studied closely.
Benjamin Warner. Winter View from my Studio towards Stithians Reservoir
Benjamin Warner has been to London and produced beautiful atmospheric paintings of the Thames at night.  As well as the end of day river pieces, there are two exquisite landscapes, the view from his studio, one with the sky like battered lead bent over fields barely scraped with snow. 
His paintings, as usual, seemingly simple but upon closer inspection revealing intricate layers of oil paint thrown and scraped and painted with such skill that the resulting paintings hang on the walls with the confidence and presence of an old master.

Benjamin Warner.  February Morning towards Truro.
Myles Oxenford's paintings are fresh, delicate and gentle.  Capturing the ephemeral quality of the dawn or the ending of the day in such a way that, when looking at them, I seem to hear the distant call of a lapwing.  Really lovely paintings with the tidal waters of the creeks running the eye up to a beautifully rendered horizon of ancient oaks and that sharp line of light caught on the very edge of the water.
Myles Oxenford.  Dawn Perranaworthal.

After standing back and resting your mind in this dawn and twilight world step closer and admire the masterful application of thin layers of carefully chosen colours that go to show such tranquil scenes.  Certainly a balm for the soul in such a mad world.

Andrew Giddens.  Rinsey Sunshine.
Finally there is a collection of new paintings by Andrew Giddens.  Rolling surf and blinding sunlight, woven colours let the huge splendour of the Cornish sea pour off the canvas, if you are a fan of this very popular artist then you will love this set of paintings.  Andrew's colours gush forth and his love for the spirituality found at the edge of the land are very apparent in his work.

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